大家好!我是Alisa,自由撰稿人。我專攻咖啡、食譜開發和SEO寫作。內容營銷、SEO 服務等等!


Maya Ealey is a graphic designer and Illustrator in Oakland working at Asana by day and taking on freelance clients while also selling nostalgic art and apparel at her business Just Rewind It by night. Talk about busy!

Maya started a series in June of illustrations and graphics educating people about race related topics like Allyship, Black Wall Street, and Colorism, and that’s just the ABC’s. I’m eagerly awaiting what’s to come from this series. You’ll have to read the interview to find out!

Maya’s work has RANGE, okay!? It has the ability to transport you back to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s while also remaining rooted in today. It’s distinct, defined, and damn right fun. We talked about what’s bringing Maya joy these days, her new quarantine hobby, her career journey, and the lack of diversity in the design industry. You should support her business Just Rewind It, she just launched a collection about the early days of the internet. (Please tell me you know what a floppy disc is? An AOL Chatroom?)